AVIX Suite - Version 4.7.23 [20210310-1]
                [AVIX-5314] - Frequency time not showing in work instruction?!
                [AVIX-5328] - Movie time is not calculated correctly

            Minor bug fixes and some improvements
            AVIX Suite - Version 4.7.21 [20210205-1]
                [AVIX-3591] - Missed operator's name in Changeover report (Excel)
                [AVIX-4567] - We should not use SWT images in reports. ( Was: No more handles )
                [AVIX-4866] - Cannot open other than the first editor page with EditorInADialog
                [AVIX-5119] - DFX time doesn't change when number of part changes
                [AVIX-5144] - AVIX unresponsive, white box covering screen.
                [AVIX-5148] - Problem crawler for ordersĀ“ configuration is wrong (false negative)
                [AVIX-5151] - IAC FMEA results in empty page in std FMEA report
                [AVIX-5183] - When using UAS or AVIX times, orientation of video is not correct
                [AVIX-5189] - Name/spelling SMED report 4.8.x/4.7.19
                [AVIX-5190] - NPE when creating variants matrix, in AVIX4
                [AVIX-5270] - Task time is not calculated correctly on DFX part quantity change.
                [AVIX-4398] - Set UAS code with Enter and/or TAB
                [AVIX-4830] - Time setting not persistent
                [AVIX-5088] - Make it possible to Not sort orders on start time in import of production programs (classic)
               [AVIX-5194] - Exporting Problems tab data