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AviX 4.7.0 released

AviX 4.7.0

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A new major AviX version is now available

Efforts has been made to improve our time study modules. Gone is the old way of using frames as time units for start and stop positions in movies. Individual movie clips can now be chosen on time analysis objects and the new "stop watch time study" module has been greatly improved. Other enhancements are a new assembly view for more product focused workflows as well as the new “problems view” that helps the user to find inconsistencies in the data.

This release will require a complete installation, no Updatesite available.

If the company your are working at uses a customized work instruction or any other customization to AviX you will need to contact your Solme contact and request an update of your customization.
NOTE! A customization for AviX4.6.X will not work with AviX4.7.X. 


Highlighted changes in this release

  • Support for effectivity date and range in variants
  • DFX aspects can be bound to a specific part category
  • Shotcuts keys for many actions
  • Better visualization of orders in tree view
  • Pictures can now be attached to notes
  • Many object exclusion variants can now be managed at once
  • Method tree and balance graph can now be filtered on individual work classes
  • More flexible way configuring date and time format

Full list of changes are available in the release notes.

Method tree filtered on work class

Assembly view

Product specification matrix

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The software itself is available for download in the download area.
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