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AviX v4.6.12 released

AviX v4.6.12

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A new AviX version is now available

From AviX 4.6.10 there are only a few bug fixes made, no features are added.

Full list of changes are available in the releasenotes.

Since there are not really any new features we will not send a release letter to all users with this information.

Also, we do not intend to make any further releases on 4.6, but rather focus all efforts on 4.7. Preliminary first releases of 4.7 will be available for testing in April. 


In short, the bug fixes are:

  • FMEA-excel report could fail to be generated under unfavorable conditions.
  • Variant rule when more than one task is selected can now be set from the right-click menu in structure tree again (it was broken in 4.6.10).
  • Copy paste of tasks with parts between AviX files is now working again.

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The software itself is available for download in the download area.
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