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customer center login info (password) is mailed to you
login at
username = email address
lost password? mail support(at)
downloading AviX and install
Operating manual
Customization and install
floating license
Securon license server
license server manager
Java JDK 32 bit
Dwnld, inst lic.srv & lic.mngr & sync
prerequisite fixed license
client computer
open ports
floating license
server computer
open ports
open ports
Java JDK
installing fixed license
Install & activate AviX with fixed license
floating license
Java JDK 32 bit
Uninstall Securon license server
Securon license server
license server manager
AviX on client
activating license

synchronizing license

reactivating license

move license

change between
fixed & floating

license problems

Other problems
fixed license
over internet or via file
via file

over internet or via file

when you have upd. your lic. with new modules or more users etc

move fixed license to another computer

change to floating license

Send a log package to support

floating license
by runnning lic. manager after
installing the lic. server

over internet or via file

when you have upd. your lic. with
new modules or more users etc

move license server to another computer
move Lic. serv. and preserve license usage

change to fixed license

Troubleshooting license problems
Avix Support page

Update server logging with log4j.xml

using AviX
start AviX using fixed license
install customization
DFX AA activation
load configuration file
install features
Automatic numbering
date format
language settings
change from fixed to floating license
execution optimizer
document default path
reconnect movie
importing process tasks from Excel
importing tasks and WS from Excel
how to create op's and red op's
Customizing perspectives and views
Demonstration of assembly view
Product specification
RL470 Task filter
Add doc link to det. instr. report
Extract BaseData file from AviX file Reencode video with handbrake
Download updatesite and update AviX
DFX analysis on diff. BOMs using versioning
DFX analysis with sub assemblys
Automatic update function in AviX
Video settings in AviX

start AviX using floating license
start w. a passwrd using floating lic

license server
check conn. to the server (Securon service)
better logging with log4j.xml
check connection to the Securon srvc
check ports 443 & 8080
restart securon license server service
reset password on local license server

Download TV.exe
Download TeamViewer QuickSupport.

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