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AviX v4.6.10 released

AviX v4.6.10

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A new AviX version is now available

A lot of effort has been put into improving the solution for multi-language.

Full list of changes are available in the release notes.

Noteworthy fixes

  • Notes view will no longer freeze on start-up
  • Fixes for utilization values in Balance report
  • Documents can now be connected to Stop watch time study analysis
  • Number editing on Line and Workstation now works better.

Highlighted changes in this release

  • It is now possible to report application problems via the Help menu in the application.
  • It is now easier to find recently opened files.
  • FMEA AIAG template is now updated to version 4.
  • Rules on tasks can now be in effect even after grouping of tasks. Use the rule preference Expand groups.
  • The simulation view in Execution Optimizer now shows all operators on a workstation. The simulation view can now be calculated for three takt average.
  • New mark-up (sketching on pictures) now preserves the picture quality better.
  • Various improvements to the mulit-language functionality. See Guide to Enterprise under the help menu in AviX for details.
  • The SMED-report graph now contains all operators and workstations.
Example of recent files functionality

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The software itself is available for download in the download area.