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Welcome to AviX 4.7.19

Improvements since AVIX 4.7.13:

SMED changeover report

xls notes report - line hight does not adapt automatically
SMED report xls - hight of lines....
AWT rendering with Charts not always good when OpenJDK java is used
Copy/Paste/Delete produce Refresh batch print action job error
Stopwatch time study performance issues

Enable set frequency with "DJ"
Change logotype in reports!
FMEA Excel-report formatting of numbers
FMEA-Excel report - add filter for custom aspects

Backport Chart based image data generator from master to 47
Action report picks wrong image if Task has many notes
Multiselect and set time calculation method (ABB)
Add filename correction for calls to tempfilemanager with "force same name"
Aspect-ratio in for mark-up frame default preserve
●  ntroduce new branding in AVIX 4

● Setting (m/s) to enable a second axis next to time axis in balance chart.
Performance improvements to UAS evaluation.
Make batch print work for "Generic template report" in 4.7.
UAS time costs needs higher precision.
Add bundles needed to run OSGI console to standard AviX builds.
Import dialog outputs json exceptions to the log.
Support for work class on UAS time codes.
Stop watch module doesn't have "lowest repeatable time".
Support more windows server versions.