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Avix 4.7.10 released

Welcome to AviX 4.7.10!

Besides new year greetings to all our users world wide, we're glad to announce that AviX 4.7.10 is now available.

In this version some quite exciting and necessary features have been added to the movie player, but also a bunch of bug-fixes together with some really useful new features.

(For those of you really into the details, a complete summary can be found in the release notes here ).

Highlighted features

  • Movie player "play operations" now works
  • Movie player sound now works
  • Movie player supports a wider range of movie formats ( Read more )
  • Movie player supports slow networks (Read more )
  • Movie player support rotation of movie ( Read more )
  • New tool to reduce size of large embedded images ( Read more )
  • Updated "parts and tools report", new layout ( Read more )
  • Snapshots can now be made directly from notes ( Read more )
  • Printer scaling for Yamazumi stickers ( Read more )

If you just can't wait (or don't wan't to read more), just go ahead and download AviX below.




New features


Movie player support new formats


The new movie player in AviX has been updated, officially supporting the following movie formats: .mpg, .mp4, .mov, .avi, .mp2, .3gp - Note, other formats may work, but are not officially supported. ( back to list )


Movie player supports slow networks


The movie player now has support for slow (low latency) networks. This is enabled by selecting "cache movies locally", by doing so the movie stream will be cached locally before playing. This means that the whole movie are not loaded, only parts needed for playing - Note, this also means there might be a slight delay before the movie starts playing (just like a video buffering on youtube).


In the movie player progress bar, red lines indicates parts of the movie that has been buffered. ( back to list )


Movie player supports rotation of movie


The new feature "rotate movie" makes is possible to rotate a movie with wrong orientation, without running it through a video conversion tool. Typically a wrongly orientated movie occurs from using a mobile phone when recording (or simply due to orientation of the camera). ( back to list )


New tool to reduce size of large embedded images


In the "problems" tab, AviX lists all embedded (not linked) images with big file size. This is often a problem making the AviX file heavy to work with. The build in tool can reduce the file size up to 75%. Simply select the listed problems, right click and "Re-compress images in smaller size". ( back to list )


Updated part and tools report


The layout of the parts and tools report has been updated, now showing also showing images in a better way. ( back to list )


Snapshot for notes


The snapshot tool is now also available form the notes editor, making it possible to add a snapshot directly to a note. ( back to list )


Printer scaling for Yamazumi stickers


The Yamazumi stickers report is used to print the AviX balance graph data as paper strips for e.g. balancing on a board. In this example the width represents that the task is performed 60.3% of the variants/orders. The height of 54 sec is the weighted task time.


There is a scaling setting which decides how long (in cm) 10 seconds represents when printed on paper. This makes it possible to fit the strips lenght depending on paper size. Since different printers scale slightly differently, there is also a printer ”calibration factor” added. ( back to list )





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