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AviX 4.7.7 released

Welcome to AviX 4.7.7!

We're glad to announce that AviX 4.7.7 is now available, but also a complete new format for our newsletter. Hopefully this will present new AviX features in a more reader friendly way.

Besides many useful features and a new movie player, AviX is now available as a 64-bit application. This enhances performance for large structures and heavy calculations.

Spend a minute or two to read the more detailed explanation of differences between the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions.

Highlighted features

  • New Movie player that plays high resolution movies better (Read more)
  • New Downstream Connector for export to work instructions (Read more)
  • Shop Floor Viewer – Web based digital work instructions (Read more)
  • Multi language editing in structure trees (Read more)
  • Max/Min time for variant mix shown in balance graph (Read more)
  • Easy editing of multiple variants in the new matrix view (Read more)
  • New ”Yamazumi stickers” report for whiteboard balancing
  • Available as 64-bit application to increase performance (Read more)
  • Autosave – for recovery purpose
  • Full list of changes are available in the Release Notes (Read more)
If you just can't wait (or don't wan't to read more), just go ahead and download AviX below.