AVIX 4.7.19 released!

We're glad to announce that AviX 4.7.19 is now available - But also taking the opportunity to announce two exciting steps for the future:

As some of you have already noticed, we have launched a new logotype and website, partly redefining the concept of AviX – We say hello to the "AVIX SUITE", and goodbye to "AviX - The Industrial Office". This is to emphasize the inter-connectivity and family relation between all the modules in AVIX.

AVIX logotype from 2006 to 2020:

But, this is also a hint of what is coming in the horizon, we will be launching a new AVIX generation continuing the path of AVIX4!

New features in 4.7.19

  • Set attributes on multiple tasks - It is now possible to set Frequency, Time calculation method, Stopwatch work rate and allowance on multiple tasks (Read more below)
  • The performance of Stopwatch time study has been improved, performance issues could occur with large number of measurements
  • Stopwatch time study now also includes a statistical time calculation called "Estimated cycle time" (Read more below)
  • Downstream Connector for process plans now contains percentage of VA/NVA
  • A new balance chart axis has been introduced, showing line speed (m/s) for driven lines (Read more below)
  • FMEA Excel report has formatting of numbers
  • Resizing pictures in markup editor can be done preserving the aspect ratio - Making resizing easier (Read more below)
  • New SMED instruction report (Read more below)
  • Updated Line changes report (Read more below)
If you just can't wait (or don't wan't to read more), just go ahead and download AviX below.


New features

Set attribute on multiple tasks

Right clicking on a task gives the possibility to change multiple settings - Multi selecting more than one task makes it possible to set e.g.the frequency to a value on all selected tasks. 

Estimated cycle time

In Estimated cycle time, we introduce a statistical calculation method similar to "shortest repeatable time". The calculation will be done in one of two ways depending on the data set. Generally described, groups of mean values are calculated based on their individual percent deviation from the other samples in order to find the mean value of short (but repeated) measurements.

If this methodology does not work on the data set, the 25th percentile are calculated, meaning that 75% of the measurements will be above this value, and thereby it will be the mean of "shortest repeatable time". 

Length axis for balance chart

Toggling between the different Balance chart visualizations, it is possible to show a length axis next to the time axis. In the AVIX settings the speed of the line, e.g. s/m can be set. Combining time and speed makes it possible to see how far down the line (at what position) a process step occurs. 

Resizing in markup editor using aspect ratio

You can now easily resize images in the markup editor. Simply click and drag a corner of the selection, and the image will be resized keeping the aspect ratio (height/width relationship). 

New SMED report

A second SMED instruction report are now available in AVIX. It has an improved layout and new possibilities of adding pictures for a more clean overview. 

Line Change report

This is not a new report, but defenitely worth mentioning for those working with balancing. Using the Line changes report it is possible to compare two lines in AVIX, getting a summary of the differences between them, e.g. before/after re-balancing. Line changes report now also have options to include any combination of parts, tools or tasks. 

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